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This is a simulated advertising project for the World Wide Fund for Nature. The objective of the brief is to promote responsible consumption of sustainable seafood to prevent over-fishing and extinction of several endangered marine wildlife. WWF also wanted to promote "Fishial", an app created to aid the public in identifying unsustainable seafood.

We created the tagline "Stop the Ripple Effect" and used porcelain plates to represent the fragility of the marine ecosystem. We used illustrations on the porcelain plates to communicate the 'ripple' or domino effect that irresponsible consumption of seafood has.

World Wildlife Fund:

Stop the Ripple Effect

The innermost circle represents the diversity of marine life in the wild. It features some of the most endangered species like the hammerhead shark and blue fin tuna.

The second ring represents the fishing industry. The background is a net, surrounding the creatures in the innermost circle.

The outermost circle represents the consumption of unsustainable seafood. The background is actually the ridges of human fingerprints, showing how man is responsible for "the ripple effect"

This project was done in collaboration with Rochelle Lai.

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